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Our Story


Bottega Paz Collection – A Legacy of Luxury,

Art, and Refinement.

50 years ago, In the heart of the Atacama Desert in Chile, a craftsman started a legacy that would live on for generations. In one of the driest deserts of the world, our father sourced rare earth minerals and using self-taught traditional crafts and tools, shaped them into deluxe, one-of-a-kind jewelry that created beauty from plain-looking minerals. Decades later, we at Bottega Paz Collection build upon that legacy by refining and creating outstanding jewelry. We use the same original gold, silver, and precious stones sourced from mines in the Atacama desert where it all began.

Our roots go back to the jewelry business that runs deep in the family. For generations now, we have continually sought new ways to create and inspire beauty and elegance through our jewelry designs. From a young age, we watched our father carve and sand the materials with his bare hands until they became unique pieces of art. Our father was a perfectionist and an artist. His designs were one of a kind and he exhibited an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and honesty.

At Bottega Paz Collection, our fathers’ legacy still lives on. We are proud of providing exquisite jewelry products at competitive prices. Every single piece of jewelry is masterfully crafted by expert jewelers combining skill from generations past and genuine materials. Each of our products is a reflection of the refinement, honesty, and craftsmanship our father etched in us. Bottega Paz Collection is dedicated to providing exotic jewelry from far off lands, crafted by masters of the jewelry art using 100% authentic materials and delivered to you right where you need it.

Our greatest motivation is the sense of satisfaction, luxury, and impeccable art our clients get as soon as they pick up one of our pieces. Bottega Paz Collection knows jewelry and today, you can be part of this luxurious legacy by picking your favorite piece from our collection.


Jocelyn Osorio    x